4 Top Tips To Choosing The Perfect Hot Water System Townsville Install and Hiring The Right Townsville Plumber to fit it!

So you need a new hot water system and a Townsville plumber to fit it, but you’re not sure where to start or what you need to know when finding the perfect hot water system that best suits your home needs?

Here Are Our Top 4 Tips to Finding The Perfect Hot Water System For Your Townsville Home And

How To Hire The Right Local Townsville Plumber To Fit It!

When it comes time to purchasing a new hot water system it can be an overwhelming experience, what size of hot water cylinder do I need?, what should I be paying?, can I fit it myself or do I need an Townsville plumber?

Theses are the standard questions we noticed our clients have when trying to find the right hot water heaters for their Townsville home. By knowing what exactly you need and what to look out for when buying a new hot water system, you can steer around most of the hidden pit traps that most unaware people fall into and find the perfect hot water setup that will last you years to come and save you a bucket load in waisted electricity & gas spend.

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Identify the Right Size of Hot Water System You Require

How to identifying the right size of your new hot water system:
  • How many bathrooms do you have?
  • How many people live in your house?
  • How many times do they shower and for how long?
  • How many time do you use your dishwasher and washing machine?

By knowing how much hot water you require for your daily usage, you will be able to identify the right size of your new hot water system to keep up with your household requirements. 

If you have a current existing hot water system, just look at the badge that is fixed on the unit and read what the “Storage Capacity” is. This will tell you the Litre size you will require to replace.

Is My Current Hot Water System Electric, Gas or Solar?

The Three Steps To Checking What Energy Type of Hot Water System You Have Or Need?

Step 1

Is there a Pilot light box on the system? If you can see a label saying Pilot Light or see a little blue flame through the access panel, you have a gas water heater. Electric or solar hot water systems don’t have pilot lights.

Step 2

See if you notice a thick grey, black or orange extension electrical cord coming out of the top of the hot water heater. If you can see a cord that looks like a power cord, it is an electric hot water system that you have.

Step 3

Search for a vent near the top of the hot water system. You may see a steel vent coming from the top of the unit if inside a dwelling or if a wall mounted hot water system a small vent that may be fan forced/ natural ventilation. Electric hot water systems do not have venting system.

What sort of money should I be spending when replacing or upgrading my hot water system?

The money you invest now when purchasing a new hot water system townsville will play a major factor saving you in maintenance cost, break downs and over all longevity. It’s very rare that we find these two words that fit simultaneously and work “Quality & Cheap”.

Top Questions to Ask When Determining your Hot Water Investment.

  • What can I afford to spend at this time that I need?
  • Can my plumber source me a cheaper one himself through his contacts
  • How long does this hot water system need to last me?
  • Am I able to claim the replacement of my hot water system on insurance?
  • Does my Townsville plumber offer a payment plan for me to pay it off instead of a lump sum?
  • Does the hot water system I’m choosing offer me energy saving solutions that can save me money in the long run?

Over all, your plumber you choose to work should steer you in the right direction you need to make depending on your current circumstances and budget. They should also source you a hot water system through their networks that may save you hundreds and do all the hard work for you.

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How Do I Know a Reputable Townsville Hot Water System Plumber When I See One?

This is the #1 biggest check off you need to make and where your due diligence really needs to come into factor here. If you just focus on hiring a plumber in Townsville just on a cheap price, your result will be just that. Even if you have purchased a quality hot water system and the plumber does a cheap install, all your efforts will go to waste. 20% of our local plumbing work here in Townsville is just on fixing up cheap plumbing work.

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